Saturday, July 28, 2012

Stanley Kubrick's Favorite Commercial

The Night Belongs to Michelob (1986)
DDB Needham Agency

TV commercials have figured that out. Leave content out of it, and some of the most spectacular examples of film art are in the best TV commercials.  [For example:] the Michelob commercials. I'm a pro football fan, and I have videotapes of the games sent over to me, commercials and all. Last year Michelob did a series, just impressions of people having a good time --  The big city at night --  And the editing, the photography, was some of the most brilliant work I've ever seen. Forget what they're doing -- selling beer -- and it's visual poetry. Incredible eight-frame cuts. And you realize that in thirty seconds they've created an impression of something rather complex. If you could ever tell a story, something with some content, using that kind of visual poetry, you could handle vastly more complex and subtle material.  
Stanley Kubrick, 1987

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