Friday, March 22, 2013

The Shot Context Reader

I suppose it's not the easiest thing in the world to find articles on this site once they pass the first page, so have an index of all my larger scale posts. These and more smaller pieces can also be found under the "text analysis" label.

"The men who shot King Kong, shot King Kong."

"We begin Psycho peeping at Marion Crane, just Norman Bates peeped at her before killing her."

The Lincoln Myth on Film
"You can tell a lot about where we are by our Lincoln of the hour."

The Case of Pit Dernitz
"The three minute scene, which come 5 years before Cannibal Holocaust and 24 before The Blair Witch Project, constitutes one of the first found fiction horror films."

35 Great Westerns
"These are the lost westerns, the ones left in the attic."

"Blade Runner is a film that does not distinguish between memories and dreams. "

"Is any film universe so deeply polluted as The Road Warrior?"

"It's an object lesson in how to destroy a film."

"Formality and ritual breed inhumanity."

"Proper placement of a shadow can transform a good scene into a great one."

Great Collaborations
"It's pretty much as unique and exceptional a set of actors as has ever been assembled."

Lessons in Filmmaking
"Not all John Ford films are successes, but nearly every one has at least one mighty scene, a moment of utter unity when the characters, setting, and story all hum in a perfect harmony."

"It seems to me that adapting Moby Dick is more like adapting something like The Waste Land than Gone with the Wind."

Audio Commentaries:

A Look At Poverty Row, a 7 part (so far) series

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