Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Flare

The Abominable Snowman (1957)
dir. Val Guest

The Thing (1982)
dir. John Carpenter


  1. I've just looked through a fair number of your homages, ripoffs and coincidences. They are quite addictive!

    Sometimes they made me think "Wow". I particularly liked the comparison between THE THING and THE LAST WINTER as well as that between the docking bay in 2001 and STAR WARS.

    I've enjoyed spotting echoes myself (not really caring if they're on purpose or not) and I did a little selection of similar images from John Carpenter films here if you're interested:

  2. Thanks! I saw that article actually, made me wish I thought of it!

    That's such a defining, paranoid Carpenter image. Sums up a lot of his themes pretty succinctly. Have you seen "Someone's Watching Me"? It was his pre-Halloween version of Rear Window. It's littered with frames like that.

  3. No, I haven't seen it. I hadn't even heard of it, actually.Thanks.