Monday, October 29, 2012

Can we call a moratorium on calling the following movies "underrated"?

- From Dusk Till Dawn
- True Romance
- Office Space
- Event Horizon
- Once Upon a Time in the West

It'd be great if we lived in a world in which people weren't talking about goddamn Event Horizon all the live-long day, but we gotta play the cards we're dealt.


  1. Wait, there are people who have called Once Upon A Time In The West underrated?

  2. Oh yes. I've heard a handful of people goes so far as to call it the most underrated western ever, which is a sentence that only makes sense if we had only ever filmed, like, fifteen westerns.

  3. "Man, you know the one movie that's more underrated than any other? The live-action version of Dilbert with prison rape jokes. That one. That movie doesn't get enough respect as a cinematic work of art."

  4. Well hold on now, Office Space IS really funny. That's not the problem here.

  5. Oh yeah it's damn funny (love the gag with the neighbor hearing everything through the wall) but it's aiming for pretty much the easiest targets possible. Dick bosses, *two* montages of white guys listening to rap, the millionth fucking prison rape joke? I laughed all right, but I'm not proud of it.

    But yeah, if you're gonna hate on a Mike Judge movie, make it the one that accidentally fucking endorses The Bell Curve.