Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Bruce Weber's Broken Noses


Ubu.com (aka the fourth greatest film resource on the web) has Bruce Weber's Broken Noses (1987) streaming on their site.


It's a tremendous boxing documentary, capturing the small beauty of the lower rungs of the sport. Weber was a jazz fan, best known for his work with Chet Baker in the equally great Let's Get Lost (1988), and that influence is clear here in the witty, sad soundscape:

Our star is Andy Minsker, a Golden Gloves champ and Calvin Klein underwear model whose story rates a good follow-up documentary, I'd say. Minsker is a great subject, funny and unforgettable and photogenic as hell. Weber, an openly gay sensualist photographer, shoots Minsker the way Michael Bay shoots Megan Fox (and, I guess, fighter jets), but the film never loses itself in gawking. It's a sad, funny, smart, beautiful portrait of our most interesting, proud, and horrible sport.

Do yourselves a favor, take 75 minutes, and watch this one, here:


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